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Shipping Insurance Policy

In recently, there is a higher rate of the lost parcels of fedex and dhl due to the COVID-19.  

So Fancy Best Hair decided to cooperate with the largest insurance company China Pacific Insurance(group) Co.,Ltd to offer shipping insurance service for our clients, with the hope to protect our clients interests better.

The shipping insurance fee would be 1% of the total hair order value, but it is optional, so you could choose pay or not pay.  

1)  If you pay shipping insurance for your order: 

*If the parcels are lost, stolen in transit, Fancy Best Hair would 100% reimburse you ( even Fedex only upmost pay us $100 )

*If the parcels damaged or partically lost,  Fancy Best Hair would check and reimburse you the equivalent amount, please make sure to check and count the damaged parcels in front of the postman and ask the postman to make the record.  

2)  We shall NOT reimburse you under the below condition:

Fedex/DHL/UPS these shipping companies only offer DOOR TO DOOR shipping service, which means once they delivered the goods to the address on shipping bill, this order is finished. It is the buyer responsibility to pick the order timely, and if the order get lost or stolen during the time, then FEDEX /DHL would NOT be responsible, NEITHER Fancy Best Hair. So pls pls keep close track of your hair order and once the hair arrives the shipping address, you need to pick timly, in case they are lost or stolen. 

Thank you so much and if you have any more questions about the shipping insurance, do not hesitate to contact us




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